Apply for OD Limit, Get Overdraft limit from Banks.Get Instant Overdraft Facility.
Overdraft Limits:
Overdraft is a limit facility mainly given by all leading banks? In which a bank open a overdraft account against security offered by customer and give this facility for operating the day by day business.The maximum overdraft limit is sanctioned by the bank depends upon the actual working capital gap and security pledged by the customer. Interest is charged on the basis of daily usages of the money from ovedraft account. The concerned bank can monitor the usages and limit of the facility.
Overdraft Facility Against Property:
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Overdraft Limits Interest Rates:

Overdraft Limits Basic Features:
With the availability of an active account with any of the banks, the customer is offered several advantages. One such benefit is the overdraft facility that has been made easily accessible to account holders. As per this facility, the customer is allowed to withdraw money from their bank account even though the balance shows zero. It is important to know that, overdraft facility is usually offered to withdraw a limited amount. Overdraft limit is basically the money value permitted by the bank which can be withdrawn additional to the credit bank balance. Moreover, the bank also charges extra fees if a customer exceeds his/her overdraft limit, or for bounced payments.

Overdraft Limit Interest Rates:
(Last Updated on : 04th. July. 2019)


Interest Rates

Apply for Overdraft

IDFC First Bank.

10.25%-10.75% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

Kotak Mahindra

10.00%-10.50% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft


9.00%-9.50% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

Axis Bank Ltd.

9.25%-9.80% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

DCB Bank

9.50%-10.50% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

Yes Bank

9.50%-10.50% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

RBL Bank

9.10%-9.75% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft


9.10%-9.75% P.A.

Apply for Overdraft

Overdraft Limit

The word overdraft means the act of overdrawing from a Bank account. In other words,the account holder withdraws more money from a Bank Account

than has been deposited in it.Overdraft Limit is the excess withdrawal over the current account ammount. Every current account holder enjoys this

facility, wherin they can borrow in excess of their funds in the account this limit is enhanced or reduced based on the customer's credit

worthiness.Overdraft against Property is a flexible product offering that allows you a combination of a Term Loan and Overdraft facility against resi. or commercial

property. It also allows you to fulfill your short term and long term business requirements, be it working capital requirement or business expansion by

unlocking the potential of your property. This product is useful for professionals, Sole Proprietors, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms or a Pvt.

Limited Company with an annual turnover in therange of Rs. 90 lakh to INR 45 crore.

    Features of Overdraft

    • 1. Lowest Interest Rates.
    • 2. Easy Documentations.
    • 3. Fast Processing.
    • 4. Transparent Dealings
    • 5. Door step service.

    Document List for Overdraft Limits.

  • Home Loan is extended for the purpose of 
    • 1. Purchase of land and construction of a residential property
    • 2. Purchase of New Flat / House
    • 3. Purchase of old house / flat along with undivided share of land
    • 4. Extension/modification of existing house / flat
    • 5. Balance takeover from banks/HFC
    • 6. Home Loans at the sole discretion of Banks/NBFCs/MNC Banks

      Documents for company as an Applicant/Co-Applicant:

      • 1. Business/Company profile.
      • 2. PAN card copy with GSTN copy.
      • 3. Three years complete financials.
      • 4. All loan repayment schedule with sanction letter.
      • 5. Twelve months all major bank account statements.
      • 6. MOA & AOA of company or partnership deed copy.
      • 7. List of directors & share holders list with ca attestation.
      • 8. Property papers copy with complete chain and map copy.
      • 9. Netwoth Statement of Company.

      Document List for Director/Partner/Proprietor.

      • 1. Photographs-2
      • 2. PAN card copy with Aadhar Card photocopy.
      • 3. Three years financials/form16/latest 3 months pay slip copy.
      • 4. All loan repayment schedule with sanction letter.
      • 5. Twelve months all saving bank account statements.
      • 6. Netwoth Statement of Directors/Partners.

      Proprietorship Firm's Documents:

      • 1. Photographs-2
      • 2. PAN card copy with GSTN Registartion photocopy.
      • 3. Three years complete financials of the firm/proprietor.
      • 4. All loan repayment schedule with sanction letter if any.
      • 5. Twelve months all major bank account statements.
      • 6. Business/Company profile.
      • 7. Networth Statement of Company/Proprietor.



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